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100% Free • 9 Week Syllabus

Full UX Design Course
for Beginners

You can become a UX Designer at any age any time. No coding or expensive laptop needed.

Why is this free? Because it makes no sense to sell courses that teach basics.

First earn ₹75K per month and pay your bills. Don’t worry. We sell a lot of expensive stuff too, you can return once you have the spending capacity.

But first, learn the basics for free.

Week 1 • 7 Lectures

Basics of UX Design, Degrees and Average Salaries


What is UX and UI Design?

Do you need a Design Degree?

What is Figma? How to learn?

Complete Roadmap

UX Design Career

High paying UX Jobs

Get ahead of 99% UX Designers

How to Speak English Confidently

How to get High Paying Clients

Week 2 • 4 Lectures

Dive deep into UX Design

Training videos

Make Your Designs Responsive

Think smart & fast as a UX designer

Meet the Father of UX

Optimising Work, Energy & Expenditure

Begin a UX Project (Level 1)

English Video

Hindi Video

Week 3 • 6 Lectures

Master Figma

Training videos

Beginners Guide to Figma

Basics of Frames & Autolayout

Master Styles & Libraries in Figma

Basics of Components & Variants

Learn Figma Variables

Design Systems 101

Developer Handoff

Figma Prototype

English Video

Week 4 • 7 Lectures

Design Systems

Training videos

Basics of UI Colour Systems

Introduction to UI Typography

Declaring UI Type

Layouts Spacing & Grids

Designing UI Button Systems

Figma Tips & Tricks

Plugins, Case Studies & Portfolios

English Video

Hindi Video

Week 5 • 5 Lectures

Secure UX/UI Jobs & Internships

Training videos

How to apply for UX Jobs

Increase Job Effeciency

Become a great Storyteller

15 Day Skill Booster Plan

Secure a high paying UX Design Job

English Video

Hindi Video

Week 6 • 7 Lectures

Improve UX With Practical Examples

Training videos

How to improve your App’s Interface

Redesign a Budget Tracking App

Onboarding Screens: Step-by-Step Guide

Redesigning IRCTC App (Part 1)

Redesigning IRCTC App (Part 2)

Redesigning SBI App

Redesigning Bank of Baroda App

English Video

Week 7 • 3 Lectures

Basics of AI Tools

Training videos

ChatGPT Tutorial for Beginners

Upskill yourself with ChatGPT

Improve UX with ChatGPT

English Video

Week 8 • 3 Lectures

Advance Learning of AI Tools

Training videos

How to make more money with ChatGPT

Explore AI Tools better than ChatGPT

Code Interpreter AI Tutorial

English Video

Week 9 • 6 Lectures

Bonus: Complete Masterclasses on AI

Training videos

Masterclass on ChatGPT & MidJourney

Save your Job from AI Revolution

Will AI replace UX Design?

ChatGPT: Basic to Advanced

Improve your UX thinking using AI

Make Money using AI as a Designer

Complete ChatGPT Course

English Video

Week 10 • 3 Lecture

Bonus: Spatial Design

Training videos

Basics of designing for AR/VR

UX Principles for Spatial Design

Adding Dimension to UI

English Video